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Written & Directed by Darine Hotait
Status: Completed March 2018 (world premiere pending)
TRT: 25 minutes | USA | English & Arabic | 2018 | English Subtitles
Genre: Narrative drama

While boxing and jazz rely on improvisation, they both have a deep sense of resilience. Hala, an Arab American female boxer, and Kendrick, an African American jazz musician, improvise their way through a passively racist America. 

Starring: Jessica Damouni (Hala) & Ben Williams (Kendrick)

Cast: Timothy Hickernell (Ran), Zayn Alexander (Sari), Sarah Bitar (Faten), Amal Khalil (Mona), Fady Kerko (Ahmed), Jack Sochet (Town Sheriff), Kareem Hegazi (Bodega Owner) & Salah Anwar (Bodega Employee).

Special Appearance: Tarek Yamani (Pianist), Theo Croker (Trumpet Player) & Jonathan Barber (Drummer).

Director of Photography: Autumn Eakin
Production Designer: Josefina Laban
Costume Designer/stylist: Lowri Best
Original Score: Tarek Yamani
Edited by Darine Hotait
Produced by Cinephilia Productions
In Co-Production with Digital Bodega
Producer: Erika Rydell & George Velez
Executive Producer: Daquan Saxton

Custom-designed jewelry by Kinship Stories
Custom-designed masks by Arté Masks
Designer wardrobe by Yali Romagoza

Shot on location in New York City at Cornelia Street Cafe, in Brooklyn at Rollin' Studios and in Pennsylvania at The Lynnville Hotel.

Release Date: TBA