Darine Hotait a un Cinéma particulier, empreint de poésie toute en subtilité, et portrayant des femmes libres, fortes et indépendantes.
— Femme Magazine
Mark our word, we have a feeling, Hotait will be a driving force when it comes to the upcoming revival of Arab cinema.
— Khaleejesque Magazine
The story’s intensity and potency lies in Darine’s ability to sing cinematic brilliance in the interstices between scenes and to reveal more about the characters in their silence.
— Qahwa Project
Darine Hotait is a very interesting, very educated person who has a clear opinion about film making.
— Voix Magazine
Hotait’s Like Salt is filmed with mastery to the point of reliving at times the film “After Hours” by Martin Scorsese.”
— Médiaterranée, Paris
Hotait flirts with ideals that go beyond the norm of Arab-American culture.
— The Establishment
I SAY DUST is cleverly written, curiously directed & brilliantly performed.
— Women Media Arts & Film Festival
Privilégiant l’économie de l’action, la caméra de Darine Hotait prend son temps, saisit le mouvement dans son essence, dans vos sens qui se mettent en branle
— Agenda Culturel
A thoughtful film which packs a lot of ideas into a tight space, I Say Dust speaks well to the talents of those involved.
— Eye For Film
Darine Hotait’s Like Salt is a masterful work signed with intelligence a precise sense of humor.
— New York New Women Voices In Film 

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