written & directed by Darine Hotait
produced by Sabine Sidawi Hamdan
120 minutes | science fiction | Beirut
status: in financing

. Selected at International Scriptwriters' Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival 2016, Maison Des Scenaristes

. Screenplay Finalist at the Hearst Screenwriting Competition San Francisco Film Society

. Finalist at the Sundance Sloan Grant for scientific content


In a near future Beirut city, the materialists and the humanists find themselves battling the same war of survival only to find themselves confronting a larger hoax.

Concept art by  Wes Simpkins

Concept art by Wes Simpkins

written by Darine Hotait & Tarek Yamani
directed by Darine Hotait
90 minutes | drama | New York City   
status: in development
produced by Cinephilia Productions 

. Screenplay Finalist at the Sundance Sloan Grant for scientific content. 
. Sponsored by the Artspire program at New York Foundation for the Arts

By decoding mysteries in music through acoustics, numerology and ancient medicine, a classical timpanist discovers a melody that arouses supreme sensations.