Published in The Seventh Wave



“Imagine the City” is a science fiction stage play that feels like an illumination of the darker parts of Beirut’s soul and its decaying society in crisis. From a social commentary point of view, this play is an ironically dystopian take on Beirut’s metaphorical future. Mona, a frustrated Beiruti, waits by the sea port to be evacuated to a better place by the Good Samaritan. But her escapism plan is disrupted by Lisa, the flying robot, who seems to have knowledge of both the past and the future. Through the supernatural connection between Mona and Lisa, we are often confused about whether the city is floating or even existing. “Imagine the City” recollects the cityscape and its memory through collective existentialism.

Mona and Lisa are the inseparable portrait of a decomposed Beirut. Just like in Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, “Mona Lisa,” the characters in the play pose in front of an imaginary landscape. Act 1 of this three-act play feels like a short-lived moment in Mona’s life that ends with an ordeal blown out of rational proportions. The wave at the end of Act 1 is seen again in Act 2, as a signpost within a conscience system wherein Mona’s mind is being uploaded and her memories are being altered by a group of robots identical to Lisa. We discover that they are watching Mona’s memories while downloading and erasing data of their choice.

What will Mona do when she wakes up to find herself trapped in an alternate consciousness? Will she be able to recollect her memory of the city and that of the humans who make it?


Published in Rusted Radishes

Two ludicrous sisters wake up to find their territory being trespassed by a ghost neighbor. 
Even though the evidence is missing, the two sisters decide to take action. 

THE OLDER SISTER - A naive woman trying to pass herself off as assertive and restrained.
THE YOUNGER SISTER - A giddy, boisterous woman and an intuitive agitator.

First published in Rusted Radishes 
December 2014
Issue 3: Nostalgia/Progress. 

Available at: 
New York, 
McNally Jackson Bookstore


Written & Directed by Darine Hotait
90 minutes | Dark Comedy
Status: In Development

. Recipient of New York State Council On The Arts, Individual Artist Grant 2019.

. Selected at 14th Sundance Rawi Screenwriters’ Lab 2018

. Fiscal Sponsor: New York Foundation For The Arts

Still from proof of concept short film Like Salt

Still from proof of concept short film Like Salt

Written & Directed by Darine Hotait
90 minutes | Science Fiction
Status: In Financing

. Selected at International Scriptwriters' Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival 2016, Maison Des Scenaristes

. Screenplay Finalist at the Hearst Screenwriting Competition San Francisco Film Society

Concept art by Wes Simpkins

Concept art by Wes Simpkins